Monday, April 11, 2011

Ups and downs, but mostly ups

So life is very interesting right now. I've been warming the seat of my predecessor at work for the last month, playing the waiting game. She officially resigned the end of last week and I found out today. I met with the Executive Director today and was told I WILL NOT have to apply for this job, that it makes the most sense for me to keep doing it as I have done a great job for the last month and my previous job (that I had been pretty dissatisfied with for a couple of years) would be posted early this week. While there is no pay raise as the job is the same pay grade, I do get to experience some new challenges with switching from the world of developmental training services (for adults with developmental disabilities) to Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (for adults diagnosed with a mental illness), supervising my assistant and a summer intern, and running an entire program instead of just having a caseload that is part of a much larger program. After I was given this wonderful news, I had the best annual employee evaluation I've ever had in my life. To top that, this evaluation was given to me by the Executive Director of my company, as my supervisor is on an extended leave. In my 10 years with this company this has to be one of the best days I've ever had there.Some co-workers may not be very happy with the decision not to post the position I have taken, but I won't let it get me down. Life is good!!

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