Monday, April 18, 2011

New Day, New Beginning

Well, I got all the garbage out and now I'm ready to continue down this path we call life. I could continue to gripe and moan, there will ALWAYS be something to complain about because that is the way life is. Or I could take the first step into my new world, only talk (beyond basic greetings) to those I have learned I can trust, and accept the way things are. I have something a few others want, so people will be gunning for me. With hard work and dilligence I can continually decrease the size of the target on my back until it is barely visible. I know there will always be a target there of some sort because some people are vindictive, but if I say nothing to them, there will be no words to twist. I hate to change from my openness and transparency, but sadly my new position calls for it, at least in the climate I work in. New life, new world, onward and upward...

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